Gurudwara Dashmesh Darbar has always been on the forefront in all aspects of social service. In the field of education, it has taken up several projects such as Vedic Math Classes, English Classes, French Classes, and Computer Classes, etc.

In today’s era of ever-widening socioeconomic inequalities, we see Education as the biggest leveler. Students who get access to Quality Education are more likely to perform well in schools & go on to command higher positions & salaries later in life.

Given the Right Guidance and Required Resources, every child can be a Success Story. What better place than a Gurudwara Saheb to achieve the same ! 

In the year 2018, the management committee took a holistic view of the changing requirements in the field of school education and decided to adopt the “Academic Excellence Program  (AEP)” by HarPrabh Foundation for the students of classes 1st to 8th.

The Aim of AEP is to

  • Create a very solid foundation for Competitive Exams at a very early stage.
  • Prepare students for various Maths, Science & English Olympiads and other similar competitive exams
  • Inculcate reading habits and raise general awareness level of students
  • Improve communication skill in general and hone up presentation skills 

Students are encouraged to participate in various school level Olympiads such as IMO (International Maths Olympiad), NSO (National Science Olympiad), IEO (International English Olympiad), IPM – Mathemagic and Maharashtra State Scholarship Exam for classes 5th and 8th.

It’s a community driven project wherein over 100 students are being mentored by 20+ professionals. HarPrabh Foundation is responsible for providing content, training the trainer and performance evaluation. Our Youth or better called “Professionally Qualified Local Young Sikh Professionals” have taken the lead to be the mentors of our next generation. The entire sewa is being done by them under the guidance of Education Committee of Dashmesh Darbar.

Our Volunteers who have selflessly dedicated their weekends to mentor the next generation….