Guru Gobind singh created and initiated the Khalsa as a warrior with a duty to protect the innocent from any form of religious persecution. Shri Guru  Hargobind  Sahib ji opened the sikhs to this fundamental concept of saint soldier(Santa sipahi) with the introduction of shashtar Vidya. Gatka is a complete martial system which uses spiritual, mental and physical skills in equal portions to help one fully competent in defending themselves and others.Dashmesh Gatka Academy introduced shashtar Vidya from December 2016. This academy is hosted by Gurudwara Shri Dashmesh Darbar. Gatka classes and practices are conducted under the expert trainers. Classes are conducted on daily basis at Gurudwara’s terrace in the evening. In addition to giving defensive skills, it also helps individual with other aspects of their life; maintains the body, makes the mind alert, and also makes the soul fearless, compassionate and tranquil. It aims at the coordination of mind and body through meditation of spiritual versus of Gurbani, a holistic system by which the character and moral attitude of an individual is shaped. At present around 150 students are enrolled in this academy. Student were also given the opportunity to demonstrate Gatka at various nagar kirtan, community events and in Gatka competitions. Various performances were made by our students which were conducted at Lala’s college Mahalaxmi (Theme of Sardar Ke 12 baj Gaye), Bandra Kurla Complex (Theme of Bhagat Pooran Singh), Shanmukhanda hall (Theme of MA BOLI), etc. Aim of Dashmesh Gatka Academy is to spread humanity through Sikh Martial Arts and message of Guru Granth Sahib